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Revolutionize Your Daycare Operations with VCare's Management Platform


Attendance Management

VCare is equipped with automated attendance tracking systems that are utilized to monitor the arrival and departure times of students, as well as their attendance, in order to guarantee accurate record-keeping


Finance Management

VCare allows you to handle your daycare's financial records by generating invoices, tracking payments, managing financial records, and integrating with payment gateways for online payments.


Reporting and Analytics

VCare enables you to generate a variety of reports, including attendance, f inances, staff performance, and other key metrics, to evaluate the daycare's operations and make data-driven decisions


Security Regulations

VCare takes all measures to protect sensitive data, compliance features to ensure adherence to regulations, to carry out all Daycare operations with peace of mind.


Child Care Management

VCare assists in managing children's profiles, which include medical history, attendance tracking, activity scheduling, and communication with parents about their child's progress and daily activities


User Management

VCare helps manage staff schedules, track attendance, stores certifications and qualifications.


Events Communication

VCare facilitates seamless communication between parents and daycare staff. through event notifications and parent portals.


Activity Management

VCare enables Seamless Activity Management. Curriculum schedules, for example, and educational activities tailored to various age groups and learning objectives.


Mobile Accessibility

VCare Android App is available in tablet and mobile versions, allowing staff and parents to access important information, communicate, and complete tasks from anywhere, increasing convenience and accessibility.

VCare Parent:

A Place Where Attention to Detail Is Key to Each Child's Success

VCare Parent, an important feature of our daycare software, includes a plethora of features designed to improve the experience for parents who entrust their children to daycare centers. With VCare Parent, you won't miss a moment of your child's daycare experience. Wondering what games they played, how well they ate, or if they took a peaceful nap? Say goodbye to your worries as VCare Parent keeps you connected and informed.

With VCare Parent, you can easily connect to the daycare center from your mobile device at any time, ensuring that you never miss a moment of your child's activities. With access to galleries showcasing your child's daily adventures, you can share in their happy moments even when you're apart. Do you need to send a note or message to the daycare? VCare Parent facilitates open communication between parents and staff.


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